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AMC Developing 'Goodfellas' Series

Jan 10, 2012 | 7:20am EST

GoodfellasI'd say that the default reaction to a television adaptation of the Martin Scorsese classic Goodfellas is skepticism. To be fair, however, many of the right ingredients are in place.

The developing series is being handled by AMC—if any network knows how to get good TV right, it's AMC. Furthermore, Nicholas Pileggi is attached to co-write the series. Pileggi wrote both the script for Goodfellas as well as the novel, Wiseguys, on which the film was based in the first place. So, yeah...the characters and subject matter are his territory. Icing on the cake: Goodfellas producer Irwin Winkler is producing the new series, along with his son David, Pileggi and Pileggi's co-writer Jorge Zamacona (writer/producer of the terrific Homicide: Life on the Street).

Still, who can really say they're not a bit unsure over the issue? Goodfellas is one of Scorsese's last universally-praised marvels. Although he continues to churn out wonderful films, nothing epitomizes his vision and style like the 1990 crime drama.

But if they are set on making a Goodfellas series (which they indeed seem to be), at least they're involving all of the right people. And now that Scorsese himself is immersed in the TV game thanks to his executive producer role on Boardwalk Empire, there might even be hope of hooking him to this new program. The likelihood of grabbing Joe Pesci, on the other hand, is probably a different story...

Source: Deadline

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