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Ricky Gervais Insists He Didn't Tell a Dirty Joke at the Globes: Late Last Night

Jan 18, 2012 | 4:55am EST

Last night, Ricky Gervais appeared on The Late Show and talked about his three Golden Globes hosting gigs, and addressed a profane joke that he can’t remember telling - even though an audience member insists he told it at the awards show this past Sunday.*

*The joke in question was actually told by George Clooney, regarding Shame star Michael Fassbender.

Presidential hopeful Stephen Colbert joined superPAC holder Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to not coordinate in any way on Stewart’s campaign ads for Colbert’s candidacy, lest one of them gets thrown in jail. Colbert and Stewart call their lawyer to use every technicality in the book to get around penalty, and it’s a pretty hilarious endeavor.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Katherine Heigl paid a visit and told a story about hiking through the mountains with Revenge star Nick Wechsler, when they found themselves in a close encounter with a mountain lion…sort of.


Finally, back on The Daily Show, Liam Neeson showed up to discuss the harrowing shoot of his new film, The Grey, in the remote sub-Arctic town of Smithers, which is famous for its great sushi and tourism.

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