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Elizabeth Banks Directed an Adult Film About Ironing: Late Last Night

Jan 25, 2012 | 4:52am EST

Elizabeth Banks appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and discussed her recent showdown with a skunk, plus her acceptance of the directorial responsibilties of an adult film...that had a heavy focus on house cleaning.


Sam Worthington paid a visit to Conan to talk about how when he signed up for his new movie, Man on a Ledge, he didn't realize that he'd have to play a man on a ledge. Worthington learned his lesson though, and was a little more aware about the circumstances attached to his role in the next movie he was offered: Man in a Box with Snakes (there's an expletive in there).

Finally, back on Jimmy Kimmel, Ben McKenzie explained how his role on Southland is a beneficial tool in getting out of speeding tickets, but that his role on The O.C. is actually more of a liability.


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