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ABC Greenlights Sitcom Starring Judy Greer of 'The Descendants'

Jan 31, 2012 | 11:27am EST

Judy GreerFor years, Judy Greer has enjoyed a comfortable position as the cream of the crop of character actors. Comedy nerds know her unending value and penchant for snarky, sarcastic comentary, but for those who aren't as obsessed with all things funny, Greer may be more familiar for her recent work in the Oscar-nominated film, The Descendants. Now, Greer is headed for a much-deserved moment in the spotlight. ABC just greenlit her pilot, American Judy.

Greer will star in and executive produce the half-hour series, which centers on a "cosmopolitan woman" who ties the knot and winds up out of her element in the suburbs. She'll face a bevy of headaches in the form of step-kids, a mother-in-law, and her husband's ex-wife (who's also the acting sheriff). This trying setting will surely bring out the hilarious, often apathetic and sometimes prickly antics that define Greer's signature style of comedy.

Until we get a look at Greer's new venture, we can always look for her hilarious quips on Two and a Half Men and Archer in the meantime.

Source: THR

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