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'Once Upon a Time' Preview: Emilie De Ravin Talks 'Lost' Comparisons, Plays Belle In New Clip

Feb 10, 2012 | 7:22am EST

Emilie de Ravin Claire from LostThe tributes to Lost are buried throughout Once Upon A Time if you look close enough (and were a fan of the show that had us all guessing for six full years). And why not? The writers of OUAT are the same innovators who penned the mysteries behind the “smoke monster” and the “Dharma Initiative.” Feb. 12 marks the biggest tribute yet when Emilie de Ravin, who played our favorite, adorable Aussie Claire on Lost, now enters the world of OUAT as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Belle has to make a deal with the Devil in order to save her family, but might end up liking that deal in the end. And did ABC really make Rumpelstiltskin the Beast? These are questions we needed answers to ASAP, so we grabbed a few minutes with de Ravin herself to talk about her appearance Sunday's episode. This is one conversation you won’t want to miss.

For a sneak peek of Sunday's episode, be sure to check out the clip at the bottom of the interview.

How is it different going from Lost to Once Upon A Time, both hits?

Well, the outfits are little different for starters [laughs]. It’s actually really fun being able to wear some beautiful gowns as opposed to ‘Wait, we need more dirt on your face!” But it’s a fun challenge, although it was kind of fun to not have to worry at all about what you look like [on Lost], so there are pros and cons I guess.

Do you notice all the tributes to Lost hidden in this show?

I have, I probably haven’t noticed them all but the Apollo Bars...what else?

The clock was stuck at 8:15 (Flight 815).

Yeah, yeah, it’s kind of cool because I haven’t seen my episode yet, I’m interested to see what they’ve done in that one because [tributes] seem to be in every one.

You are playing Belle from Beauty and the Beast - pretty iconic - what can we expect from this episode?

She is iconic and I was thinking about this before; it’s obviously different portraying an iconic figure as a real person. I’m not going to copy exactly the mannerisms of an animated woman, but the story being along the same lines, but in true Once Upon A Time fashion mixing it up quite a bit. But Belle just has that really brave, passionate attitude towards life. She does everything she can to be brave in this episode, and save her family and friends. It’s more important to her than living this safe, little life. She wants to get out there and do something and make a stand. Obviously she still has this caring, passionate, nonjudgmental, sweet side to her.

Is Rumpelstiltskin really the Beast?

Rumpelstiltskin is the Beast, yes. I have a lot of really great scenes with Robert [Carlyle]...such an amazing character he has developed. It’s really a lot of fun working with him. You know their relationship - Beauty and the Beast - it’s obviously a twist on it, but a really beautiful, subtle transition from a very scared Belle to a strong Belle, to him being quite nasty to her so to speak, to really actually enjoying her and vice versa...There’s some really sweet moments and also some heartbreaking moments because he does still has that evil side to him. He’s scared to lose in a sense, just like he was scared to gain. Now, he's scared to lose it because he’s been that way for so long.

Who is your character’s alter ego in the real world and how does Cinderella come into play?

As far as StoryBrooke, I guess you’ll just have to watch the episode to find out [laughs].

Once Upon a Time airs 8 p.m. Sunday on ABC. And you can find Mike Rothman on Twitter @TheRealRothman.
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