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Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler! Aerosmith's Joe Perry Surprises Him on 'Idol'

Mar 23, 2012 | 7:14am EDT

Steven Tyler American IdolApparently, all those reports of Steven Tyler's contentious relationship with his Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry have been wildly exaggerated. On the March 22 episode of American Idol, Perry showed up to wish Tyler a very happy birthday. 

Perry emerged from behind the top 10 contestants to serenade his cohort with "Happy Birthday" before walking across the stage to embrace Tyler. Sure, this sweet moment could have something to do with the fact that Aerosmith's got a new album and the publicity of this happy Idol reunion could do wonders for their sales, but we're not that jaded, are we? Perry has openly shown distaste for Tyler's involvement with Idol, so this expression of friendship has to be more than a simple album-sales stunt. 

To make the occasion even happier, Tyler's daughter Liv Tyler and her son were also sitting just behind the judges' table to witness the whole heartwarming scene. Of course, the warm and fuzzies were soon cut short by the episode's purpose—elimination—but it still stands as one the sweeter moments we've seen Tyler involved in on Idol. The video of the performance has since been removed, but here's a Fox-sanctioned photo of the happy surprise.

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