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'One Tree Hill' Finale: Did it Leaf, er, Leave You Satisfied?

Apr 05, 2012 | 5:24am EDT

One Tree Hill FinaleOne Tree Hill original won us over with the tale of two impossibly attractive half-brothers (seriously, how does one family get that much pretty?) and their love of a little American sport: basketball. Since those first few episodes, the story has blossomed into a heartfelt depiction of the family of friends around the original duo, taking us into their heartbreaks and happiness beyond the cliquey constrictions of their high school years. And now, the Hill has come full circle with its April 4 series finale. 

But after devoting nine years of our lives to the CW series, an appropriate conclusion is not only what we want, it's what we need. We've got little cousins whose entire lifetimes span the length of this series, we deserve the perfect goodbye. But did the finale satisfy?

Like a teen girl starting at a Chad Michael Murray poster on her ceiling, lay down on your bed with your favorite teddy bear (or crouch at your desk with noise proof headphones if you're at work, I hear they don't take kindly to teddy bears in corporate America) and blast "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw. Shed a few tears and then, when you can muster up the courage, tell us what you thought of the last ever trip to the fictional North Carolina town known as Tree Hill. 


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