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Jason Segel Reveals Post-Apocalyptic ‘HIMYM’ Ending — VIDEO

Apr 26, 2012 | 6:29am EDT

Jason SegelA quick note to all cynics out there who believed Jason Segel's many heartfelt diatribes about Jim Henson's Muppets to just be a cheap way to plug his movie: Long after The Muppets has left theaters, Segel is still talking about how much he loves them. Accept it — he's pure of heart. Although Segel got to give the world the Muppet movie he has wanted for years, there are a few things he doesn't really have creative control over. For instance, How I Met Your Mother.

Segel appeared on The Daily Show to plug his new movie The Five-Year Engagement, but the conversation inevitably turned to the one question that everybody on Earth wants to ask Segel. (Well, aside from, "Are you and Michelle Williams the cutest? Or the cutest ever?") That question, of course, being: "Who is the freakin' mother? Just tell us already!" Although he insists that he doesn't know the answer, Segel does have some of his own ideas about how the show should end. Ideas that he brought to the producers and were promptly rejected by them. Still, am I crazy for loving his post-apocalyptic, sci-fi ending? Watch:



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