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'Glee' Shows Us the Lohan: Lindsay Judges Nationals — PICS

May 09, 2012 | 6:14am EDT

Lindsay Lohan on GleeLindsay Lohan has been the target of judgment for pretty much anyone with a pulse since she began her wild child marathon through the streets of Los Angeles, but now she's exacting her revenge... on the kids from Glee. Lohan appears on May 15's "Props/Nationals" double episode as the celebrity judge at Show Choir Nationals, which makes sense because she clearly knows so much about jazz hands and haunting harmonies. 

Fox just released photos of La Lohan wielding her judicial powers all over the weird little backstage conference room where the competition results are decided. Based on the proximity of the 2012 National Show Choir Competition handbook to Lohan and the clear fire in her eyes (someone's starting to resemble their mama) it would seem that the question of who takes home the Big Trophy is a hot one. So now the question is: Will Lohan be for or against McKinley? Followup: Is it really fair to let Lohan, the patron saint of rebellious behavioral issues, judge a bunch of teenagers? 

While you ponder those very deep questions, check out Lilo alongside Entourage's Rex Lee in her extension-clad glory on Glee

"Props/Nationals" airs at 8 PM (ET/PT) on Fox. 



[Photos: Fox]

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