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It's Official: 'Cougar Town' is Renewed... And Moving to TBS

May 10, 2012 | 8:51am EDT

ALTBreak out the extra big wine glasses, because Cougar Town has been saved from cancellation. However the Courtney Cox sitcom isn't staying on ABC, where it has been largely ignored and buffeted around by the network for its three seasons, but instead will be on TBS.

The cable channel will get two seasons of the show starting in 2013, each to be roughly 15 episodes. TBS has always had great success with reairing network comedies, so why not just pluck one out and start making their own episodes? Fans of the show will probably follow it to its new home, where it will get some of the much-needed and much-deserved attention from the PR department. Any funny sitcom that survives in this world of Two and a Half People and 2 Girls and a Million Racial Stereotypes is fine by us, no matter where it lives. (And might we suggest some changes?)

Tonight, let us rejoice and all play a rousing game of Penny Can (Penny CAAAAAAAANNNN) on the cul-de-sac.

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