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'SNL': Mick Jagger's Unaired 'Kings of Catchphrase Comedy' Finale Sketch — VIDEO

May 23, 2012 | 9:51am EDT

ALTAlready missing Kristen Wiig so much that you've replayed the near-perfect Saturday Night Live finale, especially her touching farewell, to the point of exhaustion? Worry not, there's still more Wiig and SNL to be seen. NBC has released an unaired sketch of the recurring "Kings of Catchphrase Comedy" routine, which featured returning favorites like Wiig's Triangle Sally, Bobby Moynihan's Slappy Pappy, Abby Elliott's Fur Coat Rhonda, and Seth Meyers' Boston Powers and introduced some hilariously terrible newbies like host Mick Jagger's observational Brit comic Denny "A Bit Weird, Innit?" Cumberbatch and guest Dave Grohl's physical comedian Dave "This Could Be My Penis" Grohl. (Have to give both of these guys credit here for not only turning out exceptional musical performances but also pulling their weight in the comedy portion of the show.)

Why this didn't make it to air is disappointing, and slightly confusing, for a number of reasons. Not only does the always-funny and surprisingly underutilized sketch (Kick Spit Underground Rock Festival should have been revived, too) feature the entire cast, but it would have given more screen time to possible fellow now-former cast members Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis, who were sparsely seen in the finale.  Why not substitute it for one of the night's weaker sketches like, Kenan Thompson's CNBC Al Sharpton visit and feature this infinitely funnier all-star lineup, Beeeeeeeeef Jelly? Newsflash: This was a wasted opportunity.

Watch the entire unaired "Kings of Catchphrase Comedy 3" — which takes potshots at the likes of Jeff Foxworthy (Taran Killam's Coby "You Might Be Watching Boston Legal" Bird) and Gallagher (Samberg's Reverse Gallagher) — here:

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