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'Pretty Little Liars' Puzzle Hunt: Get Your Next Clue Here!

May 25, 2012 | 4:32am EDT

Pretty Little Liars Season 3All week, you've been playing A's little game in honor of the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 summer premiere on June 5. By now, you know the drill. To play along, take today's puzzle piece and situate it among A's other mysterious clues. 

And in case you forgot how A's wicked little game works, here's a refresher:

I love games. Don’t you? But if you want a sneak peek of what the Liars are up to, you are going to have to play MY game. And it’s not going to be easy. Beginning May 23, I’m going to leave rebuses across the internet for you. Piece them together, figure out what order they go in, solve my riddle, and then take the answer and bring it back here on June 1. Do as I say and you’ll be rewarded with a sneak peek. Do it fast, because my kindness is limited to only the fastest who play my games… and you don’t want to know what happens to those that are left behind… – A 

Hint: read every rebus out loud.


For full game rules, check out PLL's website. And of course, don't forget to see what trouble our Little Liars get into Tuesday, June 5 at 8 PM ET/PT. 

[Images: ABC Family]

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