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Meet NBC's 'Hannibal': Where You've Seen Mads Mikkelsen Before

Jun 04, 2012 | 12:31pm EDT

You know those actors whose faces get your inner IMDB churning? The ones you see and immediately think, "That guy has been in so many movies, but why can't I remember which ones? Quick, I must wrack my brain before any one else can!" Mads Mikkelsen is one of those faces and lucky for you, it will soon be fairly easy to play the "What Do I Know Him From?" game because, in addition to reportedly being the next Thor 2 villain, he just landed the lead role in NBC's Hannibal series, which follows the legendary killer Hannibal Lecter and also stars Hugh Dancy

Now, we could give you a completely normal, non cinematic representation of Mikkelson, but we've found a few choice shots that might jog your memory and help us assess Mikkelson's aptitude for handling such a well-known psychopath. Does he have what it takes to make Sir Anthony Hopkins proud?

Clash of the Titans: Draco
We've clearly seen Mikkelson tackle the role of a warrior as Draco, so he's got the killing part down. Okay, so Draco also happens to be on the side of "Good," but you certainly don't go from zero to serial killer in a matter of seconds. 


Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky: Igor Stravinsky
Let us not forget that Hannibal isn't just a killer, he's a killer with impeccable taste. Chianti, anyone? Perhaps Mikkelsen could pull his classier side from his experience playing the famed composer and Coco Chanel's rumored philandering lover.


The Three Musketeers: Rochefort
He's so evil in this imaginative retelling of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale (just check out that eye patch) that he's viciously going after a teenage boy on a precarious rooftop by the end of the film. Now that is heartless. We're getting warmer. 


Casino Royale: Le Chiffre
Here we have what most people would call the "ah-ha" moment. You likely know Mikkelson best as the Daniel Craig-era James Bond's first major adversary. He's a skilled poker player, he's a torturesmith (let's not forget Craig, naked in that bottomless chair), and for his sinister villainous trait: He cries tears of blood. It would seem that NBC's casting department is really onto something with this one. 

Mads Mikkelson as Hannibal


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