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FALL TV: A World Without 'Jesse'

Jul 06, 2001 | 9:39am EDT

HOLLYWOOD, May 15, 2000 –- Well, we won't have "Jesse" to kick around anymore. "Veronica's Closet," either. NBC today formally axed its two biggest unintentional punchlines (if you don't count "Suddenly Susan" -- also gone), unveiling a 2000-01 fall schedule replete with drama, "Seinfeld"-ian comedy and generally bereft of those yuppie-fied, workplace-set, wannabe "Friends" sitcoms that the Peacock's been (unsuccessfully) pushing for about seven years now.

Oh, "Freaks and Geeks" officially has no place to call home, either, as of today. (No accounting for taste.)

Most reports on NBC's new schedule will make a big deal out of "Frasier" being kicked out of its key, Thursday time slot in favor of "Will & Grace." But we figure if NBC's moving the thing, then fewer of you care about the good Dr. Crane anyway. So, whatever. If you care about the aged sitcom, look for it on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Overall, NBC will introduce seven new series (from mostly old sources): a sitcom starring "Seinfeld" alum Michael Richards; "Deadline," a new drama from the producer of "Law & Order;" "DAG," a half-hour comedy from "In Living Color" alum David Alan Grier ("DAG," get it?); the comedy "Tucker," "Titans," from uber-producer Aaron Spelling; the comedy "Cursed;" and "Ed," an hourlong comedy-drama.

Other shows not making the cut: last season's "Must See" flameout "Stark Raving Mad," "Profiler," "The Pretender," and the game show "Twenty-One."

One show making the cut (despite fading ratings): "3rd Rock From the Sun." And another show making the cut (on account of NBC backing up the money truck): "Friends."

For your reading pleasure, here's a night-by-night look at NBC's new schedule:

SUNDAY: "Dateline," "ED," "Sunday Night Movie" MONDAY: "Daddio," "3rd Rock From the Sun," "DEADLINE," "Third Watch" TUESDAY: MICHAEL RICHARDS SITCOM, "TUCKER," "Frasier," "DAG," "Dateline" WEDNESDAY: "TITANS," "The West Wing," "Law & Order" THURSDAY: "Friends," "CURSED," "Will & Grace," "Just Shoot Me," "ER" FRIDAY: "Providence," "Dateline," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" SATURDAY: "SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE"

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