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12 Hot (and Horrendous) TV Nude Scenes (Not Safe for FCC!)

Jun 21, 2012 | 12:15pm EDT

Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled against a profanity and nudity policy that allowed the government watchdog to fine FOX and ABC for the brief, unintentional mentions of cuss words and brief, intentional peeks at real-live human bottoms. (Blame Nicole Richie and NYPD Blue, respectively.) 

While the Supreme Court declined to rule on whether the FCC's indecency policy is violation of free speech, and instead told the FCC that it is free to "modify" its current "vague" policy that led to the networks' victory, we have no choice to celebrate FOX and ABC's win by saying: Bottoms up! Literally. Let's toast the networks' success in Washington by taking a look back at some of our favorite TV nude scenes. (Not for the FCC's eyes... since most of these shows are on cable. Stupid FCC.) Because it's not hot enough outside already.  


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