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Costumer Comes Forward with New Isaiah Washington Fight Story

Oct 19, 2006 | 5:34am EDT

A bitter costumer who once brawled with actor Isaiah Washington is hoping the star loses his job on hit drama Grey's Anatomy after fighting with a costar--because he's a "real nasty guy."

Bryan Birge was far from surprised when news of an on-set spat between Washington and costar Patrick Dempsey was leaked to the press--because he's been a past victim of the actor's rage.

Birge was so shaken by his 1996 fight with Washington on the set of police drama High Incident, he filed a restraining order against the actor.

Birge says his troubles with Washington started when he tried to make sure the actor's wardrobe was always the same for successive scenes in the film, and he blew up when the costumer told him to take a magazine out of his pocket.

Speaking exclusively to The National Enquirer, Birge recalls, "He grabbed me by my throat, choking me. Then he picked me up and threw me over a couch."

When Washington refused to take Birge's restraining order against him seriously, the costumer called the police: "They came down, handcuffed him and took him off in a squad car."

Washington has gone public about his spat with Dempsey, admitting, "We had a difference of opinions while working on set but we've resolved it."

Amid reports Washington stands to lose his role in the drama following the fracas, Birge says, "I hope he gets fired."

Washington's publicist Cynthia Snyder refused to comment about her client's alleged fight with the costumer.

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