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Watch 'Small Town Security' Solve Their Latest Mystery — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Aug 03, 2012 | 9:55am EDT

Small Town Security ChristaYou may think that the stars of Small Town Security spend more time getting into trouble than they do solving any mysteries, but's exclusive clip from Sunday's episode proves that it just isn't so. 

Sunday's episode, titled "Christa Pissta, P.I." finds JJK office secretary Christa Stephens trying to attain her dream of becoming a private eye. First stop: solving the mystery of Irwin's elderly cousin Neil and the miraculous wet spot. (Hint: it's pee.) 

Check out the outrageous clip below, and when you laugh, just remember we're supposed to be respecting our elders. Even if it is "funny as s**t."

[Photo Credit: AMC]


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