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Angry 'Jericho' Fans Go Nuts

May 27, 2007 | 8:40pm EDT

Fans of recently cancelled TV drama Jericho have literally gone nuts over the fact that their favorite show has been axed: They've started sending the executives behind the decision boxes and boxes of kernels.

Appalled by the decision to scrap the cult series, which follows the fortunes of a community trying to survive after a nuclear attack, superfan Jeff Knoll linked up with online company to let CBS TV bosses know just what he thought of them.

Other fans caught wind of Knoll's idea, and so far nearly 20,000 pounds of nuts have been sent to various network executives in New York and Los Angeles, according to ABC News.

One devotee who quickly got involved with the nut drive was Arkansas Jericho fan Kevin Russell. He explains, "They (executives) got us hooked on this great drama... They make you actually care about the characters and then they pull the plug.

"The bottom line is to make a statement. We're tired of the networks telling us what to watch."'s Jeffrey Braverman is grateful for the business. He tells ABC, "I had never watched Jericho and I was brushing this off at first. I didn't understand the magnitude of this."

But Braverman quickly realized what was going on and has now added a section to his Web site, allowing Jericho fans to target their nut orders.


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