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'Sons of Anarchy': Jimmy Smits Rides Into Season 5 — CLIPS

Aug 22, 2012 | 6:39am EDT


Sons of Anarchy Jax and Tara PromosSons of Anarchy must have made a deal with the guest star devil. 

The series consistently pulls in amazing temporary cast members like Danny Trejo, Henry Rollins, Joel McHale, and at the start of Season 5, Jimmy Smits of NYPD Blue fame. There's really nothing this FX series can't do.

And when the roughest ride on television returns Sept. 11 at 10 PM ET on FX, Smits is driving a giant wedge between the already damaged Clay and Gemma. At the same time, Clay is dealing with the stress of Jax taking over the Sons right before his eyes. 

This may be ramping up to be the season of Jax, but Clay is not about to take this all lying down. 

Watch all three clips below:

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[Photo Credit: FX]


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