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2001 MTV Movie Awards nominees Part 2

Dec 31, 1899 | 7:00pm EST


Best Kiss

Julia Stiles & Sean Patrick Thomas - Save the Last Dance

Ben Affleck & Gwyneth Paltrow - Bounce

Anna Faris & Jon Abrahams - Scary Movie

Julianne Moore & Anthony Hopkins - Hannibal

Tom Hanks & Helen Hunt - Cast Away

Best Action Sequence

Car Chase Through Construction Site - Gone in 60 Seconds

Roman Army vs. Germanian Horde - Gladiator

Motorcycle Chase - Mission: Impossible 2

Plane Crash - Cast Away

Best Fight

Zhang Ziyi vs. Entire Bar - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Russell Crowe vs. Masked Opponent and Tiger - Gladiator

Jet Li with Hose vs. Attackers - Romeo Must Die

Drew Barrymore vs. Attackers - Charlie's Angels

Best Dance Sequence

Cameron Diaz Fantasy Sequence - Charlie's Angels

Opening Cheer - Bring It On

Billy's First Lesson - Billy Elliot

Club Scene - Save the Last Dance

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