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No Surprises: 'Modern Family,' 'Big Bang Theory,' 'Grey's Anatomy' Top DVR Ratings

Oct 15, 2012 | 1:24pm EDT


Modern FamilyDVR ratings are certainly the way of the future as the devices are becoming as common as kitchen sinks in many households. And with the full DVR ratings for the first week of the TV season in, very little surprise can be found: Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and Grey's Anatomy saw some of the biggest gains in the delayed-viewing arena.

The top ten list was solely made up of returning series, though. Both Revolution and Elementary (on NBC and CBS, respectively) saw big boosts from DVRs; the biggest among new series.

Revolution scored the biggest gain in total viewers of any show during the week of September 24-30--adding almost 4.9 million people (going from 9.21 million to 14.08 million). This tied the show up with Modern Family for the biggest bump among adults 18-49.

Elementary, on the other hand, gained nearly 3.9 million people in the Live +7 ratings (placing it fourth overall on the list), and 1.4 points in the 18-49 demographic, tying for seventh. It was second to The Big Bang Theory in DVR gains for CBS.

When it comes to just straight gains, NBC's Grimm led the way with a 55 percent gain in viewers (from 5.32 million to 8.24 million), with a huge gain in adults 18-49: 81 percent.

The main information gained by the +7 numbers is that most people catch up on their DVR'd shows within the first three days of a show's airing. Nine of Top Ten shows gained at least 75 percent of their additional viewers by within those first three days. For adults 18-49, the percentage is even higher: more than 90 percent of their gains were in the first three days. The bottom line? We all really love our DVRs.

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