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The 10 Worst Gifts Ever Given in TV and Movies

Dec 04, 2012 | 8:34am EST


The Simpsons

As the holiday season approaches, you begin to realize a very dire truth: you still haven't gotten anything for anybody. You squandered the opportunity of Black Friday. The saving grace of Cyber Monday. You even missed out on the marginally dangerous Craigslist Wednesday-between-the-hours-of-midnight-and-4-AM. But you're not out of luck yet — there's still time to scrounge together a few affordable presents that your loved ones might actually, dare I say, like.

No, that's impossible. But there is a chance that you can at least put a positive spin on a few gifts that they'd otherwise revile. Just take a look at our gallery of the very worst presents ever given on television or in movies. Some pretty thoughtless, gawdy, despicable stuff... and we managed to sell each and every one of 'em with a smile! Check out the gallery for inspiration on how to make the pathetic pieces of garbage you'll inevitably settle on doling out to your friends and family seem like timeless treasures.

But if they're still ticked off, don't blame us. All our friends are characters from Cougar Town.

10 Worst Gifts Ever Given in TV and Movies

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