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Writers Strike Will Cost Amy Winehouse 'Saturday Night Live' Debut

Nov 05, 2007 | 4:45am EST

Amy Winehouse's debut on Saturday Night Live is in jeopardy because of the upcoming writer's strike.

The walkout, which was expected to start at midnight on Sunday, will upset TV schedules in America, and current-affairs comedy shows and satirical programs are expected to be the worst hit.

Segments on talk shows like The Late Show and The Tonight Show are expected to feature repeats and many shows could go dark because there will be no one to write skits and comedy monologues.

SNL is expected to be one of the worst-hit shows--and that means next weekend's host Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and musical guest Winehouse could find the show cancelled.

Johnson already fears the worst: "I know I'm not gonna do Saturday Night Live now. I was supposed to do it November 10th."

But the wrestler-turned-movie star holds no grudges: "It's fine, no big deal. The most important thing is that the writers and everyone come to an agreement."

Writers Guild of America board members voted unanimously to strike as of 12:01am on Monday, marking the first walkout in 20 years.

The strike comes after union bosses and TV and film producers failed to come to an agreement over royalties for programs distributed over the Internet.

As WENN went to press with this story, Writers Guild officials and producers were holding desperate last-ditch negotiations to stop the strike.


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