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Teri Hatcher: 'Eva Was Upset by Taunting Strikers'

Nov 08, 2007 | 12:17pm EST

Teri Hatcher is publicly supporting her Desperate Housewives costar Eva Longoria after the actress was verbally abused while serving up pizza to striking writers.

The actress fought back tears as she spoke to TV reporters on the picket lines on Tuesday, but the footage failed to capture the taunting she received from angry writers, who felt she and her costars should have joined them on strike.

Hatcher insists her costar was caught up in a tense standoff, when she simply wanted to show striking writers her support.

The actress says, "She was upset. It's a very difficult position to be in... We support the writers and the issues that they're fighting for... But we also have contracts and our union says that we have to go to work.

"We can picket when we're not filming, like, we can join them and have solidarity, which we do--which is what her gesture was with the pizza, and unfortunately it wasn't received well... They were chanting a lot of intense things about all of us.

"I think they all sort of kissed and made up at the end but it was just a difficult, stressful day."

Longoria has since promised to join Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry on the picket line on Thursday.

She says, "I support the writers 100 percent. I don't think the writers are unreasonable in anything that they're asking for."

Meanwhile, Hatcher insists she and her castmates are now "out of work" after filming on the show was halted on Tuesday afternoon.


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