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Tom Cruise's Friends Pay Tribute on 'Oprah'

May 06, 2008 | 4:42am EDT

Tom Cruise's second Oprah TV special turned into a tribute show on Monday, when the movie star's famous friends honored the actor in video messages.

Cruise invited Oprah Winfrey to his Telluride, Colorado, home for a show that aired on Friday, and the actor returned to the TV talk-show host's Chicago studio for a chat that aired on Monday.

Surrounded by movie billboards advertising the blockbusters from his 25-plus years as a film star, Cruise was feted by costars and Hollywood pals like Dustin HoffmanWill Smith and Renee Zellweger as he celebrated his career.

Smith revealed, "There's not a single piece of press... a single image in the 25 years of his career that gets anywhere near capturing who he is."

And his Collateral co-stars Jada Pinkett Smith and Jamie Foxx also offered tributes.

Pinkett Smith cooed, "Nothing that he's done professionally holds a candle to who he is as a human being."

Cruise's Jerry Maguire co-star Zellweger recalled her famous film line 'You had me at hello' for her tribute: "I didn't need to conjure motivation to say that line... He's just kinda special."

There was even a video nod from Cruise's new pal, Victoria Beckham, who revealed she and husband David went to see Jerry Maguire on their first date.

She recalled, "When we got to know Tom, we told him the story... and he sent us the jacket that he wore in one of the scenes, and he signed it."


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