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Ricky Gervais Revives David Brent in 'The Office Revisited' — TEASER

Feb 28, 2013 | 9:36am EST

The Office - Ricky Gervais

The way I always saw it, things were on the up and up for David Brent at the end of the original The Office's run. When Ricky Gervais concluded his critically acclaimed series, his boorish antihero Brent had finally earned a drop of self-awareness, the interest of an intelligent woman, and the confidence to stand up to his would-be pal Chris Finch. But if you thought any of these elements would evolve and carry forth through the years to come for the former Wernham Hogg regional manager, you (and I) were clearly mistaken. Gervais' revival of the Brent character in the sequel episode The Office Revisited seems to prove that Brent is still just as big a jackass as when we first met him.

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Gervais has released a teaser (below) and trailer (which you can watch here) for the new The Office  episode, which picks up a decade and change after the Christmas special that rounded out the series, chronicling Brent's contemporary plight to become a hot shot in the music business, fueled with the ability to "literally pass on musical wisdom." Check out the videos, and catch the new episode on BBC One on Mar. 15.

In other Gervaisian news, the first video from the forthcoming Muppets sequel has released, featuring its primary non-felt star:

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[Photo Credit: BBC]

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