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'Finding Bigfoot': Unproven Entity May Be Found Tonight, But Probably Not

Mar 31, 2013 | 3:21pm EDT

the 'Finding Bigfoot' team

Mythical creatures rarely seen, just out of reach of the human grasp. Maybe seen, maybe not — and oh so often the subject of hoaxes the world over. These big, hairy beasts from days of yore confound the mind and boggle logic. There are skeptics and believers the world over who want to know: will we ever find Bigfoot? Momo? Yeti? The abominable snowman? Yowie?  The Himalayan beast? One gaggle of intrepid enthusiasts have made it their quest to get answers for 30 minutes every week on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot. And tonight... oh my god you guys, do you think they're finally going to find bigfoot this Sunday (at long, long, long last!)?! One can only hope.

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With a crew with names like Matt Moneymaker, researchers Bobo and Cliff Barackman, and token skeptie (a nickname for skeptics I just made up) slash scientist Ranae Holland, how can they not? They have a skeptic on their team! That's how you know they're serious, because a non-believer scientist would actually join their team (oh yeah and also be on a television show)! They have stuff they call evidence and facts and theories! Sometimes they even talk about hoaxes. The members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) aren't local in their hunt, either — they travel the world over in order to to find the beast. See? LEGITIMACY.

But they're not just fans, they're experts. Ever want to know how to walk and sound like a bigfoot? These folks have you covered.

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So take our poll below and let us know in the comments if you think tonight, on a television show on Animal Planet, (going up against the season premiere of Game of Thrones), we will finally — at long last! — find Bigfoot. And always remember: respect the squatch, you guys.

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