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Guess How Sean Bean Will Die in TNT Series 'Legends,' Based on the Trailer

May 08, 2013 | 2:27pm EDT

Credit: TNT

Don't get too attached to TNT's new spy thriller Legends... or, at least, to its central character. The best agent in the biz, Martin Odum is an undercover operative with the ability to "transform" (we're not yet sure how literally that is meant to be taken, but there are definitely some Total Recall-esque elements to this new trailer) into whatever identity he's upholding for his latest job. As such, he's in the throes of a never ending identity crises, suffering dizzy spells, lapses in memory, and even abruptly changing accents. Sounds like an intriguing concept, sure. But here's the thing: Sean Bean is the star. And you know what that means — he'll be dead about 20 minutes into the pilot.

Bean's record of biting the bullet in film and television is well-documented. So much so that the casting of the actor in just about anything sends a shudder up viewers' spines. And it's not as though the universe of Legends is free of hazard: he's got enemies gunning for him, he's got an agency that doesn't trust him, he's got obvious neurological maladies. Bean is in danger right from the get-go here. Will he make it through the TNT drama's 10-episode run? Check out the video and weigh in.

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