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A Post-Gay 21st Century?: Ellen More Family Friendly Than Seth MacFarlane

Oct 05, 2013 | 8:00am EDT

Ellen DeGeneres to Host OscarsAMPAS

Ellen DeGeneres is back hosting the Oscars by popular demand. She's also sweeping up after Seth MacFarlane's messy parade of frat house jokes and borderline misogyny. The last time she hosted, DeGeneres followed the controversial Jon Stewart, who also ruffled a few feathers.

Agreed, DeGeneres is the perfect chaser: she's wry, charming, self-deprecating and not in the least bit threatening. But there was a time she helmed a mini primetime Titanic. Now she's trusted enough to right the ship of one of the most watched television events.

Okay, Hollywood has been feasting on a steady diet of primetime LGBT fare since Will & Grace. But there's something else trending in the here-and-now: LGBT family friendly fare. So welcome to the post-gay 21st Century, where an out lesbian is less contentious that a white dude.

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