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This Season's 'Grimm' Monsters Are Officially the Worst

Apr 07, 2014 | 4:59pm EDT

Aswang Wesen, GrimmNBC Universal Media

If you've been watching NBC's Grimm for the past few years, then you're no stranger to creepy, nightmare-inducing monsters that make you want to run, hide, and sleep with the lights on. Grimm has always been good for that. But there must be something in the water at the Grimm writer headquarters because this season's wesen (and other monsters) are on some next level stuff. They are officially the show's most horrific, unpleasant, disturbing creations yet... and we don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing. Here are the top five most horrifying things we've seen Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee come up against so far in Season 3.

5. Naiads

These mermaid-like wesen are actually gorgeous... that is, until they've stayed out of the water too long and their skin starts to shed. This season’s “One Night Stand" taught us that water nymphs can be pretty gross, especially when you get a closer look at those neck gills.

4. Anubis

The ancient Egyptian mummies and tombs have always been completely fascinating and quite beautiful, until this season's "Once We Were Gods" episode reminded us of the major creep-factor at work here. The Anubis are dog-like wesen who are very protective of their history, which is admirable, but they're also so creepy to look at! The hairless body and that snout? No thanks.

3. El Cucuys

El Cucuy wesen mean well. They're actually vigilante wesen, and they only kill bad guys. But the fact that the first one we met this season was old enough to be a grandma made the beast all the more frightful. Grandma cucuy's advanced age didn't stop her from tearing those criminals to pieces. Sure, she kept the neighborhood safe, but those sounds of her hunting her prey, then slashing them to bits? Yes, those will haunt your dreams.

2.  Wildesheers

It's all very Silence of the Lambs when the Wildesheer are in town. They scalp the strongest men around, then they make pretty little coats out of the hair they collect. Buffalo Bill would be proud, but we're just terrified. Every shot we saw of these guys (also known as Berzerkers) in "The Wild Hunt" episode was absolutely cringe-worthy, because there's really nothing worse than watching someone get scalped.

1. Aswangs

Scratch that. There is something worse than watching someone get scalped. Enter, the fetus-eating wesen from hell. Here's hoping nobody watching the "Mommy Dearest" episode was anywhere near their third trimester, because seeing this beast plunge its tongue into the belly of pregnant women feast on her unborn baby? Absolutely, without a doubt, the number one most disturbing wesen of the season. We love Grimm, but it may get difficult to watch this show if anything more horrifying than the Aswangs show up.

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