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Break From Your 'Orange Is The New Black' Binge Watch With These Awesome Instagram Cast Videos

Jun 06, 2014 | 4:57pm EDT

Orange is the New Black, InstagramInstagram/lauraprepon

If you're like much of the Twitter-verse you may or may not have called in sick to work to binge-watch Season Two of Orange Is The New Black. The glorious premiere day is finally here and chances are you're mid-way through binging right now. Take a breather, and check out some hilarious videos from some of the Instagram pages of your favorite OITNB cast members.

Uzo Adoba AKA Crazy Eyes shared fan art:

Lea DeLaria AKA Big Boo reveals the best part of Season Two:

A Crazy Eyes romance spoiler (sort of):

This one from Jason Biggs AKA Larry isn't a video, but how can we not share?

And on that note, you may now return to your binge-session. Happy OITNB Day, one and all!

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