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Behind the Scenes Secrets from 'Pretty Little Liars' Costumer Mandi Line

Jun 25, 2014 | 1:23pm EDT

Mandi Line, InstagramInstagram/mandiline

Pretty Little Liars costumer Mandi Line took to Twitter last night to answer some of her fans' questions, and the results were a melangé of good advice, insider information, and good ol' fashioned fangirling. Here are some of our favorite tweets:

She also doled out some solid career advice (actually, it's similar to what Lucky Editor in Chief Eva Chen had to say!)

She voiced enthusiasm for a possible future Mona-themed collection (which, yes). Because, apparently, she enjoys dressing flashback Mona the most. She got real when asked about her hopes and dreams: And explained how the girls feel about each other's style (it totally makes sense that Spencer would feel like the odd one out every once in a while!):
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