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14 Reasons The Belcher Family Is The Greatest Family In Cartoon History

Aug 20, 2014 | 9:56am EDT

Meet the Belchers

They are the ideal American family. Two parents, three kids, all happy to be together. They dance, they sing, they express themselves. If you think The Simpsons are the best cartoon family on TV, just take a look at how honest and loving the Belchers are. From the parents: Bob (Baw-by) and Linda, to kids Tina, Gene, and Louise, the Belchers are basically the dream team when it comes to family. They all bring their A-game.

1. As sisters, Louise and Tina have learned how to express their feelings:

2. Gene understands that it’s important to be honest as well:

3. Linda teaches her daughters (and Gene) the most valuable life lessons:

4. In the Belcher family, it’s totally cool to say whatever is on your mind:


5. Dancing is how they bring their family together:


6. Tina is easily one of the most charming people in the world:


7. She is also the perfect role model for her younger siblings:

8. The whole family is very accepting:


9. Linda does not get drunk:

10. But Bob does, only to be fun:

11. The kids are able to give their parents advice:


12. The whole family can respect each other’s house rules:

13. Bob and Linda are very informed and prepared parents:

14. Sometimes, they even all cuddle together in bed as a family:


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