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Conan-Fox Talks Hit Speed Bump

Apr 12, 2010 | 3:19am EDT

Conan O'BrienAlthough a deal between Conan O'Brien and Fox has seemed like something of an inevitability since he departed NBC, a potential hitch has emerged.

Talks between the two sides have progressed quite a bit in recent days, but much like the all-important affiliates were apprehensive about Jay Leno’s primetime talk show -- and rightly so -- they have weighed in on a Conan-Fox pact: so far, not so good.

One of the main sticking points appears to be O’Brien’s insistence that his proposed talk show -- whatever shape it may take -- be aired in all or most of the affiliate markets around the U.S., and the affiliates are reluctant to agree to that.

The news comes just as O’Brien kicks off his traveling road show on Monday night, a sort of live Tonight Show tour..

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