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'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka Joins 'Drop Dead Diva'

Jun 14, 2010 | 7:27am EDT

ALTNow that we’re about an eighth of the way through this season of “The Bachelorette,” sometimes we find ourselves wondering what happened to Jake Pavelka, last season’s idiot “bachelor” who chose to marry the tramp, Vienna. After his twinkle toes failed him on “Dancing with the Stars,” it seemed like (or we hoped – it’s hard to tell the difference these days) that would be Jake’s most blatant attempt at fame. But we were more wrong than ever.

Today, we learned Pavelka will guest star on Lifetime’s ‘Drop Dead Diva’ as Tony Davlin, a bachelor (oh, producers and their ironic irony!) on a dating show whose producer is being sued when he chooses a bachelorette over another. Producer Josh Berman said of Pavelka’s audition, “everyone wanted to talk with him. He was so gracious and charming. He was spot-on and wone the role in the room.” Now quick, think which vomit receptacle is closest: the bathroom or a kitchen sink?

But that’s not all…there’s a kicker. Apparently, Berman said in addition to his acting chops, Pavelka got the role because “he told us that he would be coming from Texas and could be on the set by noon. Since he was a former [commercial] pilot, he still remembered the flying schedule!” OH, HOW EXCITING AND USEFUL! Of course the only thing more desirable than a stint on Broadway is knowledge of throttles and landing times. Obvi-duh-ously. But you go get ‘em, Pavelka. You act your little high-flying heart out.

Source: People

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