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'The Situation' Talks About 'Jersey Shore' Season Two: Late Last Night

Jun 23, 2010 | 5:09am EDT

  'The Situation' Talks About 'Jersey Shore' Season Two: Late Last Night

'The Situation,' (not otherwise known as Mike Sorrentino on Jersey Shore) told Jay Leno about the new season of the show. He gave us all a tutorial on how to get cast on a reality show, which involves being personable, likable, and charismatic on camera. Black eyes, orange tans, juiced muscles, and pierced nipples are encouraged, but not required.

And I kid you not, my favorite person on this planet is Brian Williams. I 'm jealous of his wife, daughter, makeup-artist, mailman, and plumber because when they call him on the phone, he answers. To convey how much I love Brian Williams (in conjunction with forcing you to watch this clip of him Slow-Jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon), I'll also provide you with his Wikipedia page so you can get a bigger taste of his awesome.

Jimmy Kimmel had a power outage at his studio, so he was forced to film his show using his laptop. Guest Seth Rogan was a pretty good sport, seeing as his new weight loss meant he didn't have to worry about the same kind of unflattering angles that plague the college kids who use the same feature in their dorm rooms after smoking blunts and eating jelly donuts.

John Stewart talked about how General McChrystal (the guy you only know exists because you can’t change the TV channels in the gym) is in trouble with President Obama for they way he dissed the administration in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Apparently, when asked about Biden by one of his aides, McChrystal said “who? Biden? Did you say ‘Bite Me?’” and another time, he called Jim Jones “a clown stuck in 1985.” So in addition to determining where our troops go, McChrystal was also in charge of Sigma Nu’s 2010 pledge class!

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Stewart also addressed another issue currently on President Obama’s mind... other than Bo’s flatulence.

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And Stephen Colbert continued investigating whether or not he’d make a great astronaut by playing around with NASA’s training equipment, and learned what it'd be like to exist in zero-gravity with a man standing behind you in nurse booties. It was a pretty specific experience, but one that would certainly benefit anyone who decided space was the stratosphere for them.

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