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Adam Sandler Bonds to 'Grown Ups' Cast: Late Last Night

Jun 24, 2010 | 6:20am EDT

  Adam Sandler Bonds to 'Grown Ups' Cast: Late Last Night

Last night, Adam Sandler told David Letterman Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, Rob Schneider and himself are all like the "rat pack." But they're not, because they wear t-shirts to board meetings and conch necklaces at the Four Seasons, whereas Sinatra had feathers and bows on his hats. And suit jackets existed for the possibility that Sammy Davis Jr. would wear them. Rock, Spade, James, Schneider and Sandler aren't quite there yet.

Jeremy Piven donned a rejected Cosby sweater on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno how surprising it is that Entourage has been on the air for seven seasons. Then, the topic of Mike Tyson's face tattoo came up, which made me wish Jeremy Piven would get one so I'm never distracted by one of his stupid sweaters again.

Jimmy Fallon spoke to Heidi Klum about his fashion mistakes, which included wearing pants above his ankles. She was very forgiving, but if Fallon had appeared on Project Runway sporting that look, he'd get aufiderzeined immediately...even before the person who's so desperate s/he cheats and looks up a sewing technique in a fashion textbook.

Jon Stewart continued relishing Landon Donovan's goal that led to the USA beating Algeria in the World Cup. I gotta admit -- it was pretty insane. But was it more insane than American John Isner beating Nicolas Mahut of France in the LONGEST GAME OF TENNIS EVER? I hesitate to say.

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He also talked about President Obama decision to relieve General McChrystal of duties. Let this be a lesson to you: your attempts to be a rock star by bashing the current administration to a music magazine will not be kindly rewarded -- especially if you're not even in a Queen cover band.

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And Stephen Colbert explained why the Vatican endorsed the The Blues Brothers as being a completely Catholic film. It's now in the company of It's a Wonderful Life and The 10 Commandments, and a few other movies the Vatican has in its "designated for sleepovers" DVD collection.

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