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Landon Donovan Talks 'Crooked' Refs: Late Last Night

Jun 30, 2010 | 4:19am EDT

  Landon Donovan Talks 'Crooked' Refs: Late Last Night

Last night, David Letterman talked to the STRONGEST, MOST HANDSOME, BEST PAIR OF AMERICAN ANKLES owner, Landon Donovan, about the deal with the soccer players and the way they can be such whiners about injuries they don't have. Letterman also asked him if the refs are "crooked," and Donovan couldn't answer because he'd get fined...but it's still too soon after his "intern incident" for him to be pointing out if anything's 'crooked,' even if it is.

And Dave talked to Dolly Parton about how Elvis was going to record her song, "I Will Always Love You," but ended up not being able to because she wouldn't give up the publishing rights.

Jon Stewart played a variation of my favorite 'waiting in the hospital to get seen by a triage nurse' game, which is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. But this time, he connected the oil spill to Kevin Bacon! No mean feat! He also tried to figure out if all this disgusting stuff that's going on in our country is really Bush's fault...and since it is, Stewart came up with a really great acronym to prove it.

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And Stewart chatted with Helen Mirren about ice cream and what it's like to be offered the honor of "Dame," which apparently is quite similar to when FedEx calls you and asks if you'll be home later so they can drop off your package from Zappos.

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Stephen Colbert talked about basketball, specifically whether or not LeBron James will come to NYC. It's a big deal? Actually, it seems like such a big deal that the Knicks have only signed 5 players for next year to free up a salary for LeBron. So since the team's a little under-stocked, does Stephen have what it takes to be a Knick?

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