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Kevin Kline Is 'The Extra Man': Late Last Night

Jul 27, 2010 | 7:32am EDT

  Kevin Kline Talks 'The Extra Man': Late Last Night

Jimmy Fallon spoke to Kevin Kline about his new movie, The Extra Man, which is too smart for me… even though I met him when I was in sixth grade and my art teacher sent me out into the hallway for misbehaving and he promised me he’d never make a movie I was incapable of understanding! I’m sure Kevin’s a nice guy, but even my art teacher kept her promises…

And Jimmy also talked to Chase Crawford of Gossip Girl and Possession of Marijuana about his new movie, Twelve, about how 50 Cent shoots him. I’d consider that an honor, actually – to be shot by someone who’s been shot something like 9 times? That’s called “passing the torch,” my friend.

Jay Leno talked to Bill O’Reilly, who usually I can neither stand nor understand. But luckily, he didn’t talk about his political views. Instead, he spoke about what it was like to attend a baseball game with Geraldo Rivera and Glenn Beck and how he thinks Tony Hayward of BP should be punished.

Then O’Reilly talked about how he had to apologize for the way he covered the Shirley Sherrod story and how Lady Gaga is “groovy.” Disgust.

Jon Stewart pointed out how racist Shirley actually is! Like, tremendously racist. As in…oh, wait. That’s not bad at all. That’s quite nice, actually! So who do we blame for getting all caught up in racism and disgust and betrayal and mistakes? How about John Oliver?

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And Stewart proved he’s not racist by displaying his Christmas card and looking at Wyatt Cenac in the eye when he spoke.

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And Stephen Colbert voiced his opinions of the whole Shirley Sherrod thing. He didn’t think the Obama administration has anything to apologize for, because it seemed like the only way to get her to stop telling such a long story was to fire her.

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