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'Old Spice Guy' Talks Winning On 'Weakest Link': Late Last Night

Jul 29, 2010 | 6:11am EDT

  'Old Spice Guy' Talks Winning On 'Weakest Link': Late Last Night

If you don’t know who the “Old Spice Guy” is, you better run home to your apartment and because you probably haven’t watched TV there in a while… so your cat is probably dead, your ferns are probably dead, your neighbors are definitely dead because you used to bring them groceries every night at 8. Think about those catastrophic losses, and reconsider the importance of knowing who the Isaiah Mustafa is. But in the meantime, watch this clip of him on Leno last night.

And Eva Mendez also talked to Leno about her new movie, The Other Guys, with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. In it, she has a love scene with Ferrell, and she explained what it’s like to get freaky in the bedroom with him. Turns out, he’s an Abe Lincoln fan!

Comedian Tommy Davidson told Jimmy Fallon his thoughts on staying in a condominium that was owned by a comedy club in West Palm Beach, that apparently, was haunted by Michael Jackson.

And in case you were wondering what Michael Keaton has been up to these days, it’s recovering from his crazy pet rabbit he had a few years ago.

Jon Stewart pointed out how John Kerry has a $7 million yacht that he hasn’t been paying taxes on. He’s avoided paying them by keeping his boat in Rhode Island, which has no sales tax. So yes, the idea of New Yorkers having to pay taxes on the soda they buy at the grocery store just became a more important issue.

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Oh, and hey, Scott Lively thinks “Adolf Hitler was a homosexual and filled his military with homosexuals, because they were more savage than natural men.” We’ve learned from that Shirley Sherrod incident, right?

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And Stephen Colbert said Bush’s tax cuts that affect 3% of the nation’s wealthiest people, will expire quite soon. He used his popular segment, “The Word,” to figure out the effects of this change. He also recommended a specific product that can work particularly well at stimulating the economy and lessening the deficit.

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