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Christina Applegate Is Pregnant And Mean: Late Last Night

Aug 26, 2010 | 4:51am EDT

Christina Applegate is a little bit more than a little bit pregnant, and she explained to David Letterman last night how even though she's not bursting at the seams yet, she's turned into a bitch who doesn't think she should have to walk anywhere.

Drew Barrymore talked to Jon Stewart about her new movie, Going the Distance, about bad lighting and how poorly she responds to traffic.

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Drew Barrymore
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But he began his show talking about the mosque that's supposed to be built near Ground Zero, and how people are worried it will be a sign we support terrorism...and it's a situation we really can't win.

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And Stephen Colbert continued his investigation on what happened to King Tut's penis. The latest development is that Uri Geller, the paranormalist whose mind is so strong he can bend spoons, purchased an island in Scotland because records show an Egyptian princess moved there after she had a fight with her family. So Geller went there, presumably, to hunt for King Tut's severed junk.

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Mysteries of the Ancient Unknown - King Tut's Penis Pt. 2
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