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Katie Couric Remembers Her College Days: Late Last Night

Sep 10, 2010 | 5:17am EDT

A long, long time ago, I’m sure you can still remember, when we saw this photo of Katie Couric. It was a surprise to all of us because we were used to thinking she spent her weekends pitching CGI chipmunk movies to studio executives instead of dancing at bar mitzvah parties. But it turns out, that wild side of hers was cultivated and only grew into what it is today because she attended college and hates constructing constructing Ikea furniture.

Ali Larter told Jimmy Fallon the sex of her baby, and even though it wasn’t as funny as when Jennifer Garner did it on Leno, it was still cute.

David Letterman played around with animal expert Jack Hanna, who I think pretended to be a bear so Letterman could shoot him with some Raid. I don’t know, it’s confusing – we aren’t given an introductory paragraph to go with this.

Wyatt Cenac pointed out the only borough that hasn’t produced a Supreme Court judge is Staten Island, so he got all his shots and ventured out there to take a look at some possible candidates.

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Jon Stewart talked to Meghan McCain, who’s smart enough to hire a ghostwriter to write her book but still believes in the Republican Party? Also, doesn’t she ever get tired of people asking her about her dad’s POW flashbacks instead of asking her what dimmer setting she used to take this picture?

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