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‘Avatar’ Star Stephen Lang Considers Spielberg’s ‘Terra Nova’

Sep 14, 2010 | 7:13am EDT

Stephen LangAvatar’s resident cranky colonel, Stephen Lang, will probably be heading back in time on Earth instead of hanging around Pandora. Deadline reports that the veteran screen and stage performer is in talks to co-star in Steven Spielberg’s Fox drama Terra Nova.

While the show is still way off (the pilot isn’t scheduled to air until May 2011 and regular episodes won’t be back until Fall 2011), the series has been picking up heat. Lang is the most recent co-star to be announced after Life On Mars' Jason O'Mara nabbed the lead. The series is expected to be extremely production heavy (dinosaurs!) and effects oriented (realistic dinosaurs!) with a strong sense of drama (realistic dinosaurs crying!).

With Spielberg executive producing (he directed this little film called Jurassic Park, you might have heard of it), something tells me this shouldn’t be a problem.

Lang’s character, Frank Taylor, has been described as “charismatic and ruthless.” Of course he is! Just look at him! I feel like I should be doing push ups right now as punishment because I haven’t skinned a deer this morning. And with a name like Frank Taylor (hasn't that been used like a bazillion times before?) you know he’ll be the kind of guy who would punch you in the face for pronouncing his name wrong. It’s pronounced “Frank Taylor, sir!” A salute is optional, but still, you can never be too careful.

Source: Deadline

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