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Tina Fey Gets Drunk With Her Mom Friends: Late Last Night

Sep 22, 2010 | 4:49am EDT

Last night’s late night TV action was unusually good. In fact, I almost don’t know which clip to present to you first, and since you can’t tell me which clip you’d want to watch first, I’m going to have to guess. But I hate guessing, so I’m just going to pin two shows against each other and flip a coin. It’ll just be like a season of college basketball. Ready? Okay. The first two choices are Tina Fey on Fallon and Snooki on Letterman. Fey will be heads and Snooki will be tails. And…it’s heads. So, here.

Fun, right? Yeah, I like this game. Because now it’s like you can’t give me any crap for putting one celebrity clip above the other! And you know who doesn’t take shit? This quarter I’m using. So have fun taking up this clip order with the quarter on my desk. He’s got a bad attitude from all the birth control other people have used him to by at Duane Reade.

Next up, heads will be Snooki on Letterman and tails will be Casey Affleck on Leno. Ready? Oh snap it’s tails! I bet you were thinking I was going to use a double sided coin so I could just keep making my own decisions, but play it off like I’m not so you’ll all stop telling the people at Silver Spurs to well-do my burger. I was kinda looking forward to seeing Snooki get Letterman to fist pump and talk about sex, but a nice clip about how “controversy” is “confusion” will just have to do for now.

And last but not least, before we get to the guys with the rallies and the marches, here’s Snooki explaining what Ron-Ron juice and sexual activity is like on the shore to Letterman.

Okay, that was fun right? Yeah, that rocked.

And no doubt you’ve heard about Jon Stewart’s rally for sanity in Washington, DC. Larry Wilmore stopped by to tell Jon to be sure and embrace diversity while making sure he makes his rallies promise not to get sexual with children.

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And Sigourney Weaver told Jon about her new movie, You Again, and what height is like.

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And Stephen Colbert finally provided us with an alternative to Craigslist’s newly defunct adult services sections: COLBERTSLIST!

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