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Arianna Huffington Will Rally To Restore Sanity: Late Last Night

Sep 29, 2010 | 4:49am EDT

Arianna Huffington told Jon Stewart how she’s willing to pay for busses to shuffle people to the rally to restore sanity. Jon was kind of shocked because he thought we’d all be carpooling, but we stopped doing that when we stopped wearing “blouses.”

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Arianna Huffington
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Aasif Mandvi reminded us that we’re treating the earth worse than we’d treat the coyote who ate our Christmas kitten. Apparently, we’re running out of helium. So to start conserving it, USE LESS MAGNETIC POETRY, PLEASE.

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Gas Hole
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Stephen Colbert talked about how Republican John Boehner (he’s gotta be kidding us with that) pledged to make things different while keeping them totally the same if Republicans won the midterm elections in November. Meanwhile, Democrats don’t get it.

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Left Behind - Paul Begala
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Christopher Meloni from Law and Order (not the failed one, SVU!) talked to Jimmy Fallon about his summer trip to France, that he seemed to have spent killing mosquitoes, listening for packs of dogs, and helping his six year old son through an identity crisis.

Patrick Dempsey told Jay Leno about the $200 million budget for Transformers 3, and how his stint on Grey’s Anatomy as a surgeon has allowed him to help other doctors treat his daughter when she’s cracked her chin open in Texas.

And Mindy Kaling talked about how she and her parents think Halloween is weird, the new season of The Office and her efforts to write a romantic comedy, where she’ll play the beautiful white woman’s “plucky” best friend who sits her down and reminds her of her age and tells her how important it is that she choose the right guy out of the two that she’s dating because she’s 32 and at 33, the best thing she’ll be able to do with herself is learn German.

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