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‘Lone Star’ Director Prepares For ‘Battleground’

Oct 04, 2010 | 12:42pm EDT

Marc WebbFor all you Lone Star fans out there, first thank you for watching great television. Second, thanks for not making your friends watch it with you, but that’s okay. We all know great television when we see it and we don’t need ratings to tell us what is good, even though Shit My Dad Says had nearly ten times as many viewers as Lone Star. Ten times! Let me repeat that in case I didn’t make myself clear - Shit My Dad Says had TEN TIMES as many viewers as Lone Star. If that doesn’t make you weep, then you have a cold heart.

But here is some news that should help dry those tears up a little bit. Marc Webb, the director of Lone Star’s fantastic pilot, is bringing Battlegrounds to Fox with the help of J.D. Walsh. Battlegrounds is a single camera comedy set in the world of political campaigning. While Walsh is handling the writing aspect, Webb is supervising though he has not committed to directing at this point. Webb is currently involved in a little arachnid rom-com called Spider-Man. It has been getting a little bit of press lately.

This project has a lot of good things going for it. Walsh’s work as a writer isn’t well known, but he is a comedian based in LA. Webb does really well with comedies, (500) Days of Summer had some genuinely hilarious moments within. The world of politics is ripe with comedic possibilities and there hasn’t been a funny fictional show about politics since, well, ever. I mean we had Spin City, That’s My Bush, and Lil Bush. Not exactly great competition. Also, it’ll be single camera and probably won't have a laugh track. We look forward to its inevitable premature cancellation by Fox.

Source: Deadline

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