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Alec Baldwin Calls Jim Parsons a Bastard: Late Last Night

Oct 12, 2010 | 7:35am EDT

Sounds like Alec Baldwin isn't too happy with Jim Parsons winning the Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series earlier this year. While chatting with Letterman last night, Parsons said that about a week after his win, he received a wine and cheese basket from Mr. Baldwin. What a nice gesture! Except Baldwin included a note that called Parsons "a bastard." Whoops!

Anyway, check that out and the rest of Parsons' conversation with Letterman where he explains his mom's nasty reaction to his Emmy win.

Donald Trump talked to Jimmy Fallon about his potential run for president, saying he'd be tough with other countries in the white house. And obviously, America thinks so too. Just listen to that thunderous applause from the studio audience!

Jay Leno talked to Jersey Shore's Pauly D -- who recently landed his own spin-off -- about a MySpace message that changed his life. And he gave Jay a little lesson on Jersey-lingo -- including the definitions of "smooshing" and "creeping." Man, I love America.

Jon Stewart grilled Johnny Knoxville on the history of -- you know it -- the dildo gun. Plus, the two talk about Jackass 3D and Stewart definitely thinks there's more to Jackass than kicking people in the nuts, and thought it was appropriate for the film to play at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And I guess when you think about it, what's more modern than grotesque images of penises?

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And Stephen Colbert gave us a Muslim edition of ThreatDown because, of course, "eating halal food can make you feel Muslim the same way drinking a Cosmo can make you feel gay." Oops.

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