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Heidi Klum On Seal And His Sexy Music Video: Late Last Night

Oct 13, 2010 | 5:54am EDT

Heidi Klum filled a very, very nice video with her husband Seal for one of his songs. In it, she’s naked. In it, he’s naked. In it, they’re being themselves, as husband and wife. On Leno last night, Heidi explained why Seal’s wearing a watch on his wrist even though the rest of him (and her) are totally naked…which I think is a pretty good question because it’s not like he has to arrive on time for a date with a Victoria’s Secret model.

Jimmy Fallon talked to Johnny Knoxville of Jackass 3D about how there was a screening of the movie on Monday at the Museum of Modern Art, here in Manhattan. So if you lived in Brooklyn and you were subjected to that crazy storm we had on Monday night that caused your dog to get knocked unconscious by those pieces of hail, it was because they were showing Jackass 3D at MoMA.

Then Jimmy played a very tasteful game of Operation with Knoxville and his friend Aaron, who donned a flesh colored thong for the event. First, Jimmy would try and extract a bone from the actual game…but if he missed and hit the edges, Knoxville would electrocute his friend.

Judah Friedlander

wrote the book, “How To Beat Up Anybody,” so he went on Jimmy's show to tell us how we’ll be able to beat up anybody in the world, even if they’ve read the book too.

And Matt Damon told David Letterman how he got lost in a maze of corn with his children, which is curious considering his such severe spectacles. It’s also curious why he didn’t film it because it probably would have made a killer sequel to Children of the Corn.

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