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NBC Develops Adventure-Dating Show

Oct 14, 2010 | 6:45am EDT

NBCI don’t even know what to say about this. I mean, complaining about reality TV is so 2005, but seriously? Combining The Bachelor and Survivor? Is that really necessary? (Newsflash: you don’t need to imply potential romance to get people to hook up on a reality show that takes place…well, anywhere really.)

NBC is actually working with the company that brought us such gems as ABC’s Wipeout and Dating in the Dark to create the new survival show-dating show hybrid called Love in the Wild. It’s even worse once it has a name. The show would pair strangers and have them compete in outdoor challenges so they can bond (and by bond, I mean do it in the bushes). This show has trashy written all over it; I just hope they make participants take a class on STDs before they set them loose in the wild.

The show would be worked into the summer rotation, which makes at least a little more sense – network summer programming is supposed to encourage us all to go on vacation somewhere far away from any sign of television, right? (Or at least DVR it all and spend a scorcher soaking up the A.C. and binging on an entire season of So You Think You Can Dance in a single, shameful day.)

The good news is the show hasn’t gotten the green light yet. The bad news is that it totally will be and while we’re trying to enjoy those last few episodes of Steve Carell’s time on The Office, we’ll be forced to endure an onslaught of flashy commercials touting the super sexy adventures and drama. Oh joy.

Source: New York Magazine

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