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Will Ferrell Takes Over For Celine Dion: Late Last Night

Oct 29, 2010 | 4:55am EDT

Because Americans butcher the French language, Celine Dion named her two new twins Eddy and Nelson. Since she’s busy trying to explain why they’ve been given domesticated cat names, she’s no longer performing in Las Vegas. So Will Ferrell has taken her place on the stage, and he gave David Letterman a sample of his rendition of “The Power of Love.”

Denzel Washington told Jay Leno what it was like to see Will Smith’s son, Jaden, at the Lakers game while he was hanging out with Justin Bieber. It’s peculiar, you know, to think that Denzel Washington spends his time identifying teenagers rather than how he can use his hand without his pinky looking like it was electrocuted by the Jurassic Park fence.

Right. So some ghost hunters were on Jimmy Fallon last night, but I’d rather show you this thing with puppies he did instead.

Jon Stewart ran an extensive compilation of all the negative campaigns that have been running right now, including one particular ad talked that said Harry Reid used tax dollars to help convicted child molesters buy their Viagra. Jon had Larry Whitmore and Aasif Mandvi show how the ads could be taken to the next level.

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And Stephen Colbert talked to a bunch of people who scare the crap out of him in order to psych himself up for the rallies. He talked to the editor of Out magazine, a Mexican man, a Muslim man, a guy who’s one with the grizzly bears, and a guy who researches and creates robots. Noticeably absent was all of Taco Bell’s cheese and sheep shearers.

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